“Black Ink Crew” Star Ceaser Emanuel Investigated By Animal Services After Abuse Video

The video of Ceaser Emanuel allegedly abusing a dog has gotten the attention of animal services.

Black Ink Crew has always been a source for drama, but it looks like Caeser Emanuel is now in some serious trouble after a video of him appearing to beat a dog surfaced online. The video has already gotten him fired from the reality TV show, and now it seems like more repercussions might be coming his way.

According to TMZ, the ex-Black Ink Crew star is being investigated by local law enforcement and animal services. A representative for Fulton County Animal Services told the outlet that they’ve been working with South Fulton PD to find more details about what happened at Emanuel’s house.

Ceaser Emanuel is fighting the allegations. His lawyer claimed that the incident captured on video happened during the pandemic lockdown. Fulton County Animal Services, however, say that the statute of limitations has not passed and there is still time to charge him.

Emanuel has said that he believed the video was a “setup.” According to his team, the video was released by an ex-girlfriend who wanted to get revenge because he broke up with her. “I know the footage that everybody’s seen- it looks crazy,” Emanuel said in an encounter with TMZ. “It’s a moment in time which I wish I could take back. I came home and my dogs were attacking each other. I don’t mean play fighting, they were going for each other’s necks, they were trying to kill each other. I separate the dogs, now one of the dogs attacked me… I was nervous and I was scared. So at the end of the day, I was trying to back the dog down.”

According to Emanuel’s reps, the Fulton County police have found that his dogs are safe and healthy. The rep also noted, “Although his actions were not appropriate at all, [Ceasar] is sincerely apologetic and feels extremely bad. He is dealing with death threats which is causing him fear and depression. His only goal was to build an empire to help build jobs and bring the black community in the tattoo industry successful given that the community is limited there.”


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