Tasha K Refutes Claims Saying She Lost Appeal in $4 Million Cardi B Case: Report

After rumors ran wild, she reportedly shared an email exchange detailing why a dismissal order was filed in the case.

A judge may have awarded Cardi B $4 million in the defamation case against blogger Tasha K, but the legal drama is far from over. As most people who lose cases do, Tasha K’s legal team immediately filed for an appeal of the verdict. However, just days ago, news reports surfaced suggesting that Tasha has already lost her appeal, and she seemed to respond by sharing a brief email exchange with a contact from Billboard.

The press contact wrote, “I saw the dismissal order at the 11th Circuit in the Almanzar v. Kebe case. But I assume you’ll just refile the appeal when a final judgment is entered? Just saw some seemingly misleading media reports and wanted to check in on where things stand.”

Tasha thanked them for reaching out to clarify the rumors, and added that the appeal dismissal order was “based on a procedural issue, not on the substance of our brief.”

“You are correct in stating that we will refile as soon as the district court enters final judgment,” she added. “We’ve been in contact with the district court and the order will be entered any day now. Please let me know if you have any other questions for me at this time.”

While she sets that record straight, Cardi B isn’t the only rapper she has to worry about; after making comments about Iggy Azalea, the Australian star threatened legal action, as well.

Check out Tasha K’s post below courtesy of The Neighborhood Talk.

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