NLE Choppa Argues Why He Deserves “Top Rappers Under 25” Respect

Roddy Ricch recently named his picks and the L.A. icon chose himself, NBA YoungBoy, and Kodack Black.

He didn’t share what prompted his recent set of tweets, but NLE Choppa is reminding people why he believes people need to put more respect on his name. As you already know, at any given time, you can find some list of Top rappers, or artists sharing their own picks, much like Roddy Ricch recently did when he was asked to name his Top 3 rappers under 25.

The Los Angeles hitmaker chose himself, NBA YoungBoy, and Kodak Black, and as Roddy’s choices went viral, Choppa tweeted a few messages about his own accomplishments.

“Best under 25.. it’s crazy to not mention me when you realize I’m only 19,” he wrote. “You don’t have to like my music but my numbers are undeniable. 16 Gold And Platinum Plaques, 6 Songs Over 100M, 6 Billion Streams Worldwide, Sold Out Tour In US, Also Currently Selling out EUROPE TOO [goat emoji].”

Then, Choppa added that he isn’t looking to be matched up against his peers.

“You can’t compare me to no n*gga. I’m literally the youngest doing it and it ain’t one person at my age done what I’ve done so far,” he insisted. “Everybody else got atleast 3 years on me average. Then it’s me 3 years in the game and I’ve already did more than some n*ggas whole career.”

His fans co-signed his boasting but there were others who didn’t agree. Check out NLE Choppa’s tweets and let us know where you stand.

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