Kevin Gates Shows His Strength During AEW Wrestling Event

The Louisiana star didn’t appreciate being insulted and sent Tony Nese to the floor during tonight’s show.

Professional wrestling is a leading force in the entertainment world, especially in America, and for decades, it has taken over airwaves. Tens of thousands of people flock to sports venues weekly in order to see their favorite characters go at it in the ring, and often, wrestling companies tap into the celebrity market to bring more visibility. We’ve watched as music artists have added their moves to matches or made cameo appearances during live shows, and recently, Kevin Gates packed a punch for the AEW.

The hitmaker was seen at tonight’s (July 20) Fyter Fest Night as he was relaxing ringside. After being singled out by Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland, Gates had his moment.

Things took a turn when Mark Sterling and Tony Nese approached Gates and asked him to sign a petition axing Strickland from the AEW, but when Gates refused to sign, Sterling began verbally attacking the rapper. He told him he’s “untrustworthy” and added that Gates’s “music sucks,” causing the Louisiana star to walk past the barricade and confront his new foe. After a tense standoff with Nese, Gates grabbed Nese’s necklace and gave him a quick punch to the face.

It made for an entertaining, yet staged moment that fans couldn’t stop talking about online. Check it out below.


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