Kanye West Returns To Instagram With Motivational Message About GAP

Kanye is living out his dreams.

Kanye West has done some amazing things in the fashion world. When he first told the world that he wanted to become a designer, many people laughed at him and said it would not be possible. After his work with Nike and Adidas, it became obvious that Kanye had an incredible mind for fashion, and that there wasn’t anything that would hold him back from achieving his goals. 

Over the years, Kanye has been able to turn his Yeezy brand into a multi-billion dollar operation. It is a truly incredible achievement, and it has led to various collaborations with big brands. One of those collabs has been with GAP. Kanye has always been adamant about his respect for the GAP brand, and on Thursday, he made his grand return to Instagram by highlighting his biggest achievement yet. As you will see, it has everything to do with his Yeezy GAP capsules. 

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Per Ye:

“On my moms birthday I was able for the first time to sit in on a Gap call with Bob Martin, Bob Fisher and other leads of the company. Bob Martin was one of the most inspiring people I’ve heard speak in business. He kept saying go to the stores on the call. I came to Gap to put good product directly in stores. We’ve had 2 of the biggest sales day in Gap history since I’ve been there. We sold 14 million dollars worth of the perfect black hoodie at 80 dollars a hoodie off of a television commercial that was ran one time. I came to Gap to bring good quality products to the people at all times. Bob I need to meet with you as soon as possible.”

Kanye has been very quiet on social media as of late, so it is good to see him return in such a positive light. It looks like Kanye has reinvigerated himself creatively, and perhaps it will lead to more Yeezy GAP clothes, in the future.

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