Joey Bada$$ Questions Why Lizzo Apologized Over “GRRRLS” Backlash: “Generation Is Too Soft”

Lizzo faced pushback from the disabled community for using the word “spaz” on “GRRRLS,” and Joey says he’s “never apologizing to white America.”

This Lizzo lyric drama has caused a wave of pushback from rappers who can’t believe that the “Truth Hurts” hitmaker apologized to fans. Last week, Lizzo released her Beastie Boys-sampled single “GRRRLS,” and immediately people within the disabled community called her out for using the word “spaz.” She included the term to mean that she would freak out or lose it, but Lizzo found herself accused of being an ableist. People fired off scathing social media posts about Lizzo using a slur in her song.

While many people understand the word “spaz” to mean someone who loses control, as suggested, in the U.K., it apparently refers to someone who is incompetent and was said to have been derived from a spastic condition affecting many in the disabled community.

Lizzo was quick to return with an apology, stating that she would change her lyrics as soon as possible. While many of her fans applauded her response, people like Gangsta Boo, The Game, and Joey Bada$$ questioned what Lizzo was apologizing for.

“Lizzo getting flack for using spazz is crazy! Wypipo just be waiting for you to say anything remotely off [crying loudly emoji],” Joey Bada$$ tweeted. “I’ll be the first to tell y’all, y’all can SMD. I ain’t never apologizing to white America, hold my nuts.” He wasn’t quite finished.

“This generation is too soft. Most of y’all never got punched in the face and it shows.” He then reflected on his time being “canceled” and refuted claims that he was homophobic or transphobic. Check it all out below.

Joey Badass

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