DDG & PNB Rock Announce Boxing Match Slated For Next Month

DDG says that instead of rappers “killing for free” they should “punch it out for a bag.”

When he’s not making sweet videos with his girlfriend Halle Bailey, DDG is improving his boxing skills. Rappers have long been interested in fighting and training, but in recent years, there has been a wave of artists looking to get involved in matches against their peers. There was a recent announcement of Blueface’s fight against former Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young, and today (June 15), DDG shared that he was going toe to toe in the ring with PNB Rock.

Sure, it seems like an unusual pairing, but DDG enthusiastically promoted the July event on social media.

“I said i wasnt gettin back in the ring unless it was another artist,” DDG tweeted alongside a flyer for the match. “LETS GET IT!! Get tickets now.”

In another post, he added, “This sh*t more than a boxing match, it’s a movement! Rappers put the GUNS down & put on the GLOVES.” DDG mentioned the ongoing violence that is plaguing the Hip Hop community. “N*ggas out here killing for free when u can just punch it out for a BAG.”

Meanwhile, PNB Rock has yet to say much of anything about the match, but we’re sure he’ll begin boasting as we inch closer to the July 30th fight. It’s clear that we’re set to receive many more celebrity fights such as these, so let us know who you would pay to see go at it in the ring.

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